Aftersales Services

Service Tenet
Perfect aftersales service system is the firm guarantee to maintain the brand image. We will build perfect aftersales service system and provide optimal aftersales service for each product. Mutual development and perfection is our aftersales service tenet.

Delivery Inspection
When the customer has finished the purchase process, our service staff will provide maintenance and operation training, and the warranty sheet should be faxed to CHTC JOVE.

Regular Check
We provide regular check for all our products respectively at the 50, 500, 1,000, 1,500, and 2,000 hours. And the service staff will make thorough inspection and repair for the equipment according to the follow-up visit to the customers.

Warranty service
As for the service range, please refer to the Warranty Manual. We carry out the 24-hour service principle, i.e. we will solve the problems or replace the damaged parts in 24 hours. We will solve the problem thoroughly and ensure that it does not need the secondary repair.
Our service staff will fill in the service report and fax it to the service department in 24 hours.

Parts inventory
Each dealer will reserve some parts inventory according to their sales condition and all the parts are provided by CHTC JOVE.

Cross-region service
When the equipment needs to work in other regions that is out of the reach of the designated dealer, the dealer will inform the factory to arrange other dealers to make the follow-up services.

Return visit
The service staff needs to establish detailed customer files and pay a return visit to the customer each week to learn about the equipment condition.

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