Rotary Drilling Rig

Introduction to Rotary Drilling Machine:
CAT Undercarriage & Up Structure
CHTC JOVE JVR series rotary drill rig have excellent design concept, reliable system, strong power and self-extendable undercarriage which insure operation in complicated jobsites. Heavy hydraulic telescopic crawler is very stable and flexible, especially suitable for narrow jobsites. JVR series rotary drill rig enjoy economic, efficient, environment friendly, stable performance and other features.
Power System
  Original CAT EFI engine has strong power and strong torque. Electrical fuel direct injection turbo intercooler merged with CHTC core technology in electricity system which ensures the engine produces strong power in each gear. CHTC JOVE Rotary Drill Rig could save 10% fuel consumption comparing the same model equipment under the same work condition.
Hydraulic System
  JVR series rotary drill rig absorb international advanced design concept, use top international brands for key parts, hydraulic pilot, scale operation. Advanced main & auxiliary hydraulic system realizes flow allocation & sensitivity loading according to the operation demand and also the drive function. These features offer more reliable, more economic, higher efficient and more energy save in the construction process.
Electricity System
The key parts in electricity system come from Germany or Fenland famous brands. Professional construction machinery controller adjusts and controls the engine, pump, main valve and operation handle’s work. At the same time, the electricity system realize efficiency, energy save and low pollution for the equipment.Unique design in intelligent inspection system has the ability to check the malfunction reason.High precision sensor insures drill rig's precision measurement and inspects whole work process.
Drive Device
  CHTC JOVE JVR series rotary drill rig adopt professional rotary table which equips BONFIGLIOLI or BREVINI reducer. Heavy damping spring, different kinds of multilevel shock absorption design grantee safe operation.
Construction Method
  CHTC JOVE has professional team to support our customer to select the right equipment model. The Kelly Bar and tools configuration based on the earth structure and construction requirements so as to improve the work efficiency and avoid damage to the equipment.


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