Multi Function Drilling Rig

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CHTC JOVE new generation Long Auger Drilling Rig absorbs the same product’s advantages in worldwide and also improves the weakness of traditional domestic products. Whole machine adopt self erection frame work. No dispatches in transportation improve the efficiency in installation. The function can be altered by change the pulley combination for rotary drilling or CFG construction way. Different hammer construction way also can be realized in this machine.
Product Features:
-Undercarriage structure
Self-extendable crawler insures stability in transportation (3400mm) and also meet construction requirement (4600mm). Crawler extend-retract operation controlled by hydraulic power which is fast and precision. 800mm width crawler could meet work in soft ground job sites.
-Main Mast and Pulley Assembly
Main mast adopts two flexible sections. Extend-retract operation guides by one winding. There are two height choices, 29m for CFG and 24m for rotary drilling and hammer. All height adjustment operation complete by machine itself. Main mast use stable three points support. Universal jointed shaft in the mast bottom which promise precision adjustment and reliable structure. Unique triangle base structure not only afford erection task but also finish side move without whole machine move. Main mast section use table rectangle structure. Allocate CFG or rotary drilling rig work by change the pulley combination.
-Winch & hydraulic system
Machine travel, slewing and main-vice winch adopt hydraulic power control. The pull force of main winch single line reaches 10t and also configures advanced electric hydraulic drilling following system. Vice winch line’s pull force reach 4t and its operation is very exactness. Add pressure winch able to offer another more 12t force. This configuration not only offer additive pressure for rotary drilling but also offer reliable technology guaranty for break rock in DHT hammer construction way. Advanced gear pump have strong ability to resist pollution and long use life. Three pumps joint together and insures high speed when the main winch under work. One pump controls the two walk legs and avoids unbalance flow in tradition models. Fuel tank locates at the back of platform and realize simple and orderliness platform
-Operation and Electronic Parts
Good sight for the operator as the front cab design. Anti-drop network is settled to ensure safety of the driver. Adopt PLC in operation system. Drilling depth, rotation location and vertical degree are shown on the display screen which supplies direct information to the operator. The operation platform use man-machine interaction way for check and adjust the parameters. Instead of fuel, we use electricity which is energy saving and no pollution.
-Main Platform and Slewing Mechanism
The main platform adopt large box-type structure section with powerful carrying capacity and rigidity. Double support in slewing driver part have the ability to avoid the rotary gear loosen or broken in traditional structure. The main platform structure is simple and easy for maintenance.
Light weight, flexible in movement, efficient in piling, meet different jobsites construction requirements, large torque, energy saving and no pollution. With high quality and competitive price, CHTC JOVE new generation Long Auger Drilling Rig is an excellent choice for our customers.
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