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About Long Auger Drilling Rig
Long auger drilling rig is a new product which is based on domestic and international advanced technology. It is a construction foundation equipment, which is not only applied for piling foundation in housing construction ,but also for the traffic, energy engineering and soft base enhance, etc,. Currently CFG is listed as national new method and national construction standard.

Main Features:
  - It can finish the pile in one time, perfuse pile at site and also finish the operation of placing the steel cage. Efficiency, high quality and low cost are the main advantages of this machine.
- Simple structure ensures flexible move, easy operation and convenience maintenance.
- It is applicable for clay soil, silt and fill, etc. It can pile in different complicated geological conditions such as soft soil, draft sand formation, sand and gravel layers, with groundwater and so on. Besides, it can construct cast-in-place pile, hi-pressure grouting-pile, grouting ultra-fluidized pile, CFG composite pile, pedestal pile and other ways.
- There is no vibration, noise and pollution during construction. It’s an excellent equipment for infrastructure construction.

Structure Features:
Power Head And Drill Tool
-The power head is composed by double electronic motor, three-ring reducer and hoist frame. The axes of the reducer connect the drill tool by flange. The reducer fixes in the hoist frame and hung in the pillar rail. The drilling and piling work of reducer in completed the hoister’s drive.
Drilling Frame
-The pile frame is three-point support structure and the pillar connects with the machine by cross axes. This structure ensures flexible operation. The walk type chassis’s move is based on the cooperation between walk cylinder and hydraulic leg and the crawler type chassis’s move is based on the electronic motor and reducer. The up structure has main hoister and auxiliary hoister. The function of main hoister is to finish the drilling work by moving the power head and drill tool. The auxiliary hoister is used to install pillar and remove the steel.
Hydraulic System
-Hydraulic pump, electronic motor, oil box, outrigger cylinder, pipe and control valves compose the hydraulic system. This system controls the operation of outrigger cylinder and walk cylinder.
Operation System

-Operation room adopts thin board structure, three windows which ensures wide view and safety. The hydraulic system is controlled by four multiway valves ,and electronic control componets are inside electronic operation table or box. All operations are very convenient.
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