Hydraulic Static Pile Driver

JVY Series Hydraulic Static Pile Driver
JVY series hydraulic static pile driver is a new environmentally friendly pile foundation construction equipment with a number of national patents. It has the features of no pollution, no noise, no vibration, and fast pile driving, high quality pile. It is represent the future development tendency of pilling machinery. JVY series hydraulic static pile driver has more than 10 varieties, the pressure capacity from 60 tons to 1200 tons. Using high quality materials and components, adopting the unique hydraulic piping design and processing methods ensures the clean and highly reliability of hydraulic system. High quality is guaranteed from the headstream. We provide the best service and personalized design with the concept "All for the customers".
Main Product Features
CHTC JOVE Hydraulic Static Pile Driver enjoys the common feafures of pile driver such as high efficiency , energy saving , environmental-friendly and so on . Besides, we have more unique technique characteristics as following:
- Unique clamping mechanism design
Unique design of clamping mechanism for each jaw to be adjusted with the shaft bearing surface to ensure the largest contact area with the pile, avoid damaging the pile.
- Unique design of side/corner piling structure
improves the capacity of side/corner piling, the pressure force of side/corner piling up to 60% -70% of main piling. The performance is much better than hanging side/corner piling system.
- Unique clamping pressure-keeping system
Can automatically fill in the fuel if the cylinder leak oil, ensuring high reliability of clamping pile and high quality of construction.
- Unique final pressure regulator system
Unique terminal pressure-stabilized system ensures no float to the machine at rated pressure, greatly improving the safety of operation.
- Unique walking mechanisim with lubrication cup design
Unique walking mechanisim with lubrication cup design could realize durable lubrication so as to extend service life of rail wheel.
- Constant & high flow power hydraulic system design
Constant & high flow power hydraulic system design ensures high piling efficiency.

Basic Structure Hydraulic Static Pile Driver 
 Piling Platform
-Piling platform is the main working body of the machine, which will achieve folder pile, piling operations. Consist of the pressure cylinder piles, beams, columns, clip pile boxes, folders pile cylinder etc.
Side Piling Equipment
-If you want to handle corner or side pilling job, directly shift the main pressure cylinder assembly & clamping box assembly to the side pilling structure, then fix, installation, and connect the hydraulic tubing, thus can carry out the side/corner pilling job.
Lifting Mechanism
-Lifting mechanism consists of four lifting cylinders and four cantilevers composition. Four cylinder lift cylinders were connected to the main machine by four cantilevers, and the piston rods articulated with the four walking cars, the adjustment of hoist cylinder will achieve the body movements. Pressure pile driver can walking and turning by the motion of lifting mechanism.
-Crane is installed on JVY hydraulic static pile driver, and is mainly used for lifting the precast pile; it is an assistant equipment of pile driver. The structure of this crane is similar to hydraulic truck crane; consist of the boom hoist system, winch system, rotary system and hydraulic control system. Hydraulic control system includes a manual multi-valve, control the corresponding multi-way valve and achieve the activities of amplitude, winding, rotary and telescoping, etc.
Operation Principle Of Crane
-Hydraulic control system: The hydraulic pressure oil flow via rotary joint to crane system supplied by hydraulic pump. The system pressure is determined by overflow valve of multidirectional valve, the pressure setting is 18 Mpa. Hand operation can achieve the derricking, windlass, slewing and jib extending and retracting.

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