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CHTC JOVE Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. absorb foreign advanced technology and produce hydraulic excavator independently which covering small and medium-sized excavators, and the large excavators are under developing. At present , we have products covers 5 tons to 23.5 tons, including more than 10 models which are JV65, JV70, JV75, JV150, JV235 and so on. Our products are widely used in municipal, greening, road, irrigation, mining, bulldozing, crushing, tamp, smooth, lifting and other fields. Because our purchase cost and use cost are low, the market prospects are broad. Under Country’s policy of expanding domestic demand and revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry, our product sells well and the market capacity is huge.
Main components: mainly consists of eight parts: power system, hydraulic system, electrical system, air conditioning device, turning device,  walking device, structure assembly, cover assembly.
Uses: mainly used in harsh environment and working conditions of highway engineering, railway engineering, tunnel engineering, bridges, dams, mining engineering and so on.

1.Imported Original Engine

Adopt imported original engines, powerful, efficient and reliable.
Meet EUII standards,low vibration,low noise,environmental protection and low energy consumption.
Excellent cooling system,excellent performance on dynamic feature.
Easy to start at low temperature and high altitude area.
2. Advanced And Reliable Hydraulic System
Good hydraulic pump system and flexibe operation is the key feature of construction.
The driver could adjust the boom,dipper stick and bucket according to working requirements then to balance the weight and achieve effcient operations.
Pumps,valves,motors and some other components are imported ensure stable and reliable operation.
3. Optimal Design Of High Strength And Durability Structure
Extensive use of high strength and wear-resistant alloy steel plate.
Carefully designed structure,rotating platform,frame and working devices are having good mechanical features.
Improve the overall structure to strengthen the digging power and prolong life time.
Bucket:adopt high strength and wear-resistant alloy steel plate to improve the durabillty of the bucket.
Power head:optimzed boom structure design,increasing the thickness of some materials to effectively improve the reliability of overloaded operations.
Cyliner:there is a design in the cylinder which could help absorb the impact of the piston to extend the cylinder life,reduce noise and vibration.
4. Comfortable Operation Environment
Adopt framework in the cab to ensure the safety of the driver.
All the controllers are installed according to ergonomic arrangement.
Environment-friendly high-capacity CFC-free air conditioner,full dimensional wind.
Elegant appearance of imported display.
Adjustable armrests and seat,easy to operate and effectively relieve fatigue.
Large windows with broad vision.
5. Convenient And Efficient Maintenance
Unique design of high-capacity cooling system,could effectively enhance the heat dissipation;the system will play super cooling function at continuous operation or overload condition.
Choose a well-kown fluid control manufacturer as the hydraulic oil filtration system supplier,reduce the maintenance costs and raise the maintenance level.
Easy to maintenance,diesel oil filters,oil-water separator and air filter are convenience to inspect and replace.

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