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2017 CHTC JOVE Overseas Service Miles in Indonesia

Date: 2017-04-27 Clicks: 4428

From March 21 to April 15, to respond company’s strategy “Comprehensive Reformation & Second Start-up” and reinforce our loyal client group, International Trade Department of CHTC JOVE started a longtime-prepared activities called “CHTC JOVE Overseas Service Miles”, we chose the first station in Indonesia - the beautiful country of thousand islands, for nearly one month.

Indonesia market is one of CHTC JOVE’s most important markets in the world, with several years after brand “JOVE” entering into Indonesia market to achieve mass sales for our main products, such as pile driver,,long auger drilling rig, drilling rig ,packing machinery and so on. Nowadays, we already set up local office and spare-part warehouse in this region. Based on reliable product and superior service, we provide great support for Indonesia’s national infrastructure construction and also client’s business prosperity. To maintain a long term and stable win-win relationship with customer is JOVE people’s continuous market prospect.

We really solve problems on site for customers during activities “CHTC JOVE Overseas Service Miles”, because of which, our services are highly appreciated by our clients: “for your best purchases,the most comfortable goods ever have”!

CHTC JOVE’s service work will be always running through products’ pre-sale, on-sale, after-sale process, and we also provide after-sales services accompany with product in anytime and anywhere. In a word: If product there, then service there!

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