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Technical Research

CHTC JOVE Heavy Industry Co. Ltd, owns a national technology center, three provincial technology centers and a provincial engineering center, is a " high-tech enterprise" and the new industrialization" double 100 projects" enterprise of Hunan province and gains the titles " science and technology project enterprises", 
The technology center has 193 employees, including: 18 senior experts, 5 PhD students; owns a variety of research and testing equipment which worth more than 20,000,000 yuan. The scientific research strength is growing. At the same time, the company invests plenty of money for the technology research and development every year, and vigorously strengthens the protection of intellectual property.
- CHTC JOVE was identified as Enterprise Technology Center of Hunan province in 2011.
Applied for 306 patents. 178 items have been authorized, in which more than 97 are invention patents.
- 11 City-level scientific and technological progress awards, including six national and provincial awards
- Undertake 40 provincial and municipal science and technology projects
-Assume 4 national key new products. 
Human resources
Company has owned 4155 employees, about 416 engaged in the research of science and technology, among them: 45 graduate students, 24 senior experts, 5 PhD students.
Research and development --the construction of Experiment Center
Technology center is constructing experimental center, covers an area of 1500 square meters, which will be used for carrying on new products development, new technology / new material / new technology application, project research, basic research, testing and other testing work.
DET equipment
The company has the completely method of test, with a variety of high- precision testing instruments in different areas.
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